MB&F HM8 Can-Am Watch

This time, let’s talk about something unconventional, daring and striking, something with crazy concept and so refined that hurts. Creation with lot’s of sense, coming from new  maker that is proving him self and comes as a real refreshment to the time machine market, even though with a few released time pieces, this watch producer has the potential of giving a hard times to the players in the competition.

By having one single look you can realise this is 3 dimensional art crafted from the best materials, supported with idea and mechanical concept to blow your mind.Their concept comes inspired from the same reason as many others, cars and races. The middle part of the name  Can-Am is an abbreviation from Canadian-American Challenge Cup, a car racing series existed from 1966 to 1987, but let’s start talking about the watch.

One of the most eye catching characteristics of this watch is the 3D look allowing lots of the movement to be seen, unusually shaped sapphire transparent case raised and supported from above with titanium bars makes this piece so see through so no one can stay indifferent to the inside  mechanical set moving over and over. This super complicated case is made of 60 components in titanium, gold and sapphire. The shape of the case somehow reminds of a car with it’s roll bars created to protect the machine of any damage during driving, even though a lot’s of people will agree this looks like a slightly improved image from a previous model  of MB&F, including some other features related to the shape and the movement. The dimension of the case is 49mm x 51,5 mm x 19mm a size that is a lot to be discussed, but I reckon this is one of the many things that makes this wrist beauty so special on its way.

There is so much to discuss about the outside look of this wrist watch that simply can’t be avoided, another feature that can’t be missed is the side display of the time allowing to the drivers to see the time without the necessity of moving their wrist. Two completely covered with luminescent material discs are used separately  for hours and minutes, both set horizontally in relation of the movement, the time than vertically  mirrors up with the help of sapphire crystal prisms and a convex lenses providing magnification.

When it comes to the movement the first thing that is easy to notice through the case is that the movement is flipped backwards which kinda reminds of HM5 watches, but in the same time is interesting to be seen. Over all the movement is very similar to what it’s been conceived and introduced in the previous models, so there is not much place left for surprise except the blue battle-axe rotor in 22k gold on top, based on Girard-Perregaux movement same as before.  The whole set is created of 247 components and functions smoothly providing 28,800 vibrations per hour, providing 42 hour power reserve. All this is allowing simple adjusting of the time when needed. The water resistance is up to 30 m .

Just to boost up the luxurious twist the watch has leather alligator strap with folding buckle to make the wearing more convenient not forgetting the size of the case.

The MB&F Can-Am comes in two versions, 18k white gold and titanium and 18 k rose gold and titanium with sticker price 78,000 CHF (ex. taxes).

All together many will say this is love it or hated piece. While ones are claiming they expected more, the other ones are in love of this as they call “art piece”.


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