Mechanical Vs. Quartz Watch Movement

There are three types of watches: Mechanical Movement, Quartz Movement and Digital Watches. Mechanical watch movement is the oldest one, that exists more than thousands of years, and its using the energy stored in a repeatedly-wound spring, while the quartz and digital watches use batteries for their movement.

Mechanical Movement:

A balance, or wheel, moves according to the energy expended by the tightly wound spring that powers the watch.

  • On manual-wind watches, that energy comes from regularly turning the exterior crown to apply tension to the spring
  • Automatic, or self-winding, watches have a semicircular weight that pivots as your arm moves, turning the gears that wind the main spring.

Quartz Movement:

  • A battery sends an electric current to a tiny, tuning-fork-shaped piece of quartz, causing it to oscillate at 32,768 vibrations per second.
  • The watch’s circuits reduce that number to one vibration per second, or one hertz, and those pulses are translated into ticks by a tiny electric motor.
  • Quartz’s indifference to temperature fluctuations makes it well-suited for harsh conditions.

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