Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Everose Gold

Nowadays following the trends is a MUST for the companies to maintain their existence, but there are companies that are setting the trends, and the others are the following them. Rolex, a name that talks by it self, the one that  makes the rules and knows how to make a timeless pieces.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date Everose Gold is hire to follow the pink gold trend set by Rolex itself, and to recall that in 1956 Rolex Day-Date made its debut, being the first watch in the world to indicate the date and the day spelled out in full in a window on the dial.

Lately is all about the materials used to create a time machine, combination of a different ones is often a good option, but Rolex is always hire to show some elegance in all and create pieces mostly made of one material, but full with stories and background. Back in 2005 Rolex created 18c pink gold alloy, and since than Everose is used for every Rolex model in pink gold. This time piece is fully made out of 18c Everose except for  the movement and the green dial. 18c Everose gold is the core noble material for this watch including the presidential bracelet with the folding clasp with crown on the top. The design of the bracelet is created with breading of three lines of a circular Everose parts, and is one the most iconic bracelets of Rolex relieved  back in 1956 for the first promotion of the Oyster Perpetual Day-Date.

One of the most beautiful characteristic is the green dial hand made and carefully crafted from Rolex’s best crafts man. The olive green dial bursts with its colour and simplicity, giving a magnificent touch up to this wrist watch. The hour indexes are coated with 18c gold and the hands are made of solid gold as well. At 12 o’clock is sat the day indictor displaying the names of the week spelled out in full, and the date indicator is set  exactly at 3 o’clock. This Rolex dial is designed and manufacture mostly by hand to ensure perfect performance.A piece like this carries the look of its brand, and is hardly impossible not to be noticed in the crowed of so many other watches without saying he is wearing a face of Rolex.

The 18c Everose case has 40 mm diameter with Everose fluted bezel on the top showing the character of another Day-Date Oyster Rolex time machine. Inside the case is hidden a 3255 movement, movement from a new generation carefully created to work with high punctuality -2/+2 sec/day after closing the case. The whole movement beats with the help of a Perpetual rotor, and to keep the balance is created a blue Parachrom hairspring insensitive to a magnetic field to reduce the friction, which provides a better stability, improves the quality and continuance of the movement. All together we can say it’s a perpetual, mechanical self-winding movement that provides a power reserve of 70 hours and works with great accuracy.

Talking about the pice $47,650 AUD is really a decent sticker price for a  piece like this with timeless beauty and long lasting quality.



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