Hublot mp-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis

New case, new movement, lot’s of improvements and fascinating design. This time the idea for new fascinating look totally different than the others has dane a great job, Hublot made a big step up offering master piece with exceptional characteristics and visual design.Completely new set of movement with double rotation required creating new stylised case to accent the visibility of the tourbilon, and the possibility ┬áto see the dual Axsis rotation in 3D it’s been allowed by changing the shape of the case and extending the sapphire window near the low strap.

Ricardo Guadalupe , CEO of Hublot this year on Bazel world presentation said “With our manufacturer pieces, we are taking the expression of our watchmaking savoir-faire very far and making the most of it to give each watch a specific aesthetic”. MO-09 tourbillon Bi-Axis incorporates all this exclaimed features from one masterpiece.

The mechanical self-winding movement features Bi-Axsis Tourbillon which fully rotates in a period of 1 minute for the first one, and 30 seconds for the seconds one. The whole movement of this HUB9009.H1.RA calibre is amazing, master manufacturer Hublot this time made a big change in order to achieve better perception of the Bi- Axis circle movement. Knowing the robust Hublot Style the additional extending in the lower part of the display came as a real refreshment, out of anything that’s been presented before, and of course talking about dimension for Hublot everything is allowed.

Large opening positioned at 6 o’clock shows the Bi-Axis 360 degrees movement, and the five day power reserve display is positioned at 9 o’clock marked with red colour, although the costumers opinion for the red sicker accenting the power durability variates. Another technological invention especially made for this machine is the date indicator where date numbers are set in two half circles which makes it quite simple and easy perceptive.

There are two versions of this of this technological innovative wrist watch, one comes in Titanium and the other one in King Gold. The MP-09 Titanium comes in a limited edition of 50, and the King Gold is limited to only 20. Sticker price for the MP-09 Titanium is $169,000, and the King Gold $ 211,000.


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