Hublot Big Bang Meca 10


Let’s recall to some good pieces resented  last years at Baselworld 2016, just because I think this watch deserves a bit more talking. In the era of wrist watches made of multi materials and colours the ones made of one, or coming in one colour only, are jumping of the range and they are worthy to mention. Hublot Big Bang MECA 10 comes in one colour and is hire to prolong the line of its Big Bang  MECA range presented during the last few years. Crafted all in black with tiny red elements appears perfectly with its design in the club of all black watches.
Combination of fine materials and black ceramic is something that everyone would like to have in its collection, plus the black removable strap is a novelty for Hublot, and seems like finely this brand has introduced this kind of strap that can be taken of by one clic. Once you get to known something more about this Hublot you will realise it’s not all only about design, there’s so much to be said about the power reserve of this beast and the functionality of the movement.
A brand fully opened skeletonise movement can be seen clearly from both sides,  front of the dial, and the sapphire crystal back of the case.  Hublot’s caliber 1201 with manually wound movement composed of 223 parts  has great movement performances designed on a different innovative way to function perfectly and has a power reserve that lasts longer. In order to point the power reserve Hublot created two indicators, one is pretty much straight forward showing the numbers 1 to 10 to symbolise the days, and the other one is part of the rack style system above the round look of the bezel followed by the simpleMainspring barrel that has two toothed sections.The way of how this indicators  function is quite impressive and the work done to achieve this functionality is admiring.  As the mainsprings are wound the rack moves to the left of the dial, as the movement waists the cumulated energy, it moves to the right. This kind of movement is a real novelty and it’s quite impressive to be seen, though due to the high level of power reserve their is a high possibility the accuracy to variate, the beating frequency is 3Hz which is about average for a movement like this.

Simple lines are created to break the complicated look of the movement and attract the eye of the costumers that like elegant but complicated watch with high performance and outstanding quality.  Hublot Big Bang MECA 10 comes in two variations black ceramic, limited edition of only 500 piece, and a platinum version as unlimited edition.  The reference number for the black ceramic Hublot Big Bang MECA 10 has reference 414.CI.1110.RX and comes with a sticker price of $22, 000 . Reference number for platinum Hublot Big Bang MECA 10 is 414.NI.1123.RX and comes with a sticker price of $19, 000.

If you have roug look at the dial of this time machine altogether there are three indicators two are related with thre power reserve and just one is showing seconds which is really unexpect

Knowing that Hublot almost alway sets a few indicators to show different segments of the time, and big massive pushers from the side which are missing now ( not as a negative connotation),  all together this wrist beauty is a great super wearable time piece with lot’s  of mechanical wonder in it. The 45mm case is hire to announce that this Hublot is coming in elegant package doing a Big Bang Boom with his incredible innovative mechanical winding.


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  1. Mukta says:

    Plz say this watch price

    • admin says:

      Mukta, from what you can see in the post, the price goes from $19, 000 till $22,000 (or there is also some price of $25, 000).


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