Urwerk UR210-Amadeus

When future and past met together, inspired by baroque heritage and shaped from the master hand of a talented art craftsman Florian Gullert the result has to be exceptional. Urwerk melted all in one, turning his UR 210 model in to a futuristic watch with lots of history. The incredibly  hand crafted piece is a real example of how baroque wall clock can inspire such a complication with exceptional and unique features.

“An 18th century wall clock in the pure baroque style has pride and place in the workshop. It was one of the first collector’s pieces my father gave me- an imposing, massive work of art with elaborate gilding. For me it’s attraction lies in it’s extravagance, because extremes appeal to me.” declares Urwerk’s co-founder  Felix Baumgartner.

260 hours of hard work ware spend to transform the UR210 model in to UR210 Amadeus, the gravure of the watch is what makes it so special and unusual , to be reached the futuristic effect the whole structure of the UR210 model the case, the crown protection and the bracelet had to be merged into one unit. Talking about the hand gravure  Florian Gullert says ” The decoration is very post-renaissance 17-th century, but on a determinedly contemporary structure. It’s a work of many aspects. The themes must interconnect and complement one another without being superfluous. This is certainly one of the creations of which I’m most proud.”

Another incredible characteristic included in this concept is the winding efficiency indicator for the last two hours, as a mater of fact this is the firs complication in the world with a this kind of indication. The green, black and red indicator is set at 11 o’clock and clearly shows if your moving has has been enough to renew the UR210 energy level.  The colouring indication is very simple, green is a sign for enough replenished energy, red means you have been using more energy than you produced. In the same line on the other corner positioned exactly at 1 o’clock there is a traditional power reserve indication coloured with white and red. This means you can regulate the energy generating by yourself, in case if your winding energy indicator hand is positioned red you can change the winding efficiency sector at the back of your watch to “full”, than the rotor will convert the slightest movement in to a stored energy.  But if you are more active which means you’ve enhanced more energy through the configuration you should set your efficiency winding selector to “reduced” , even “stop” option is included in case if you prefer manual winding.

Talking about the rest of the features of this time machine we can not avoid not tomention the three dimensional retrograde minute hand sliding through the 60 minute scale, once the hand reaches the 59th minute quickly turns back to start the new counting of the hour. Sharp clic is pushing back to it’s big initial point in less than 0.1 of a second with the next hour satellite. This retrograde system functions with the help of a few element set and crafted precisely to produce infinite flow. A cylindrical chronometer spring goes vertically around the central axis and generates optimal tension  required for the retrograde minutes flyback. The minute frame with extraordinary weight of just 0.302 g shaped in a 3D cage transfers energy from the cylindrical spring in the top centre of the carrousel   to the double star gear underneath, with the help of a black star shaped crown it’s regulated the retrograde movement and it’s rotation encourages the way of the minute hand through out her repetitive minute counting from zero to sixty.

Overall highly complicated movement is constructed and improved to satisfy the taste of even the pickiest costumers on the market. This time machine comes with sticker price of$210,oo0.




Case in Titanium and Steel

Dimensions 43.8mm x 53.6mm x 17.8mm

Glasses Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating


CalibreUR-7.10 self-winding


Escapement Swiss lever

Frequency 28,800v/h, 4Hz

Power source Single mainspring barrel

Power reserve 39 hours


Aluminum, Steel, Titanium Grade 5.


Patented revolving satellite complication with wandering hour and three-dimensional retrograde minute hand; power reserve indicator; winding efficiency indicator (patent pending)


Two-position winding crown
On the back: Winding efficiency selector



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