Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Frosted Gold

Talking about fancy watches lately it’s all about materials and specific manufacturing technics, so, Audemars Piguet doesn’t  make an exception at any point. We all know that this outstanding brand always keeps up with the following trends, and that’s not all, he even dictates in the world of watch making. Ladies line has been part of his manufacturing for so long, recently they celebrated the 40th anniversary of the first Ladies Royal Oak designed by Jacqueline Dimier in 1976. As a celebration mark another Royal Oak has seen the day, all though it was realised in 2016 steel this piece wasn’t available on the market until SIHH.

The coming of the first Ladies Royal Oak back in 1976 was a beginning of a new era in ladies time pieces. With the appearing of this model the whole previous concept of tiny, bracelet, girly look was banned and replaced with something more robust with strong lines and different dimension, more close to the man’s variations.

Making of the Frosted Oak Royal Gold took lot’s of time and required special technic. The Florentine technic used during production made this watch looking frosty, sparkly and rough on touch, the whole crafting on this anniversary piece was done in collaboration with Florentine jeweller  Carolina Bucci and the process of making rough surface with shiny effect included diamond needle used as a tool that hammers into the surface creating shiny, sparkling finish effect all over and all was done by hand. However we are supposed to mention that the collection is going to be crafted by machine and the last touch ups are gonna be finished by hand. Trying to get the proper perfect look some parts of the surface ware not frosted like the cutting line that gives to the bezel to jump out even more with the nicely polished edges as well as the smoothly finished crown, the AP sing on the bracelet, the inside of the bracelet and the edges of the bracelet links.

One of the best design features which makes this watch a real Piguet is the Grande Tapisserie dial in rhodium and silver, this type of dial is an emblem for this brand just because of the way how is manufactured and for ist’s unique look. Staring  at the dial  we can notice some other simple elements implemented, like the fine tips with golden edges to mark the hours and the date indicator set at three o’clock which it’s quite elegant completely suiting the Tapisserie look.

When it comes to the movement this time machine comes with two different caliber, depending from it’s dimensions. The 33mm in both gold rose and white gold goes with quarts movement caliber 2713, but the 37mm case has an amazing automatic calibre 3120. No mater which one is used and what is the dimension both options look stunning with all their glow.

At last we can say it’s all about the frosty gold look, shining like diamonds, designed from lady for ladies with lot’s of enthusiasm and spirit of crafty jeweller. According to the materials, technics and time used to finish up this time machine the prices are always theme of discussion, the 33mm version is priced $41,500 for the rose gold and $47,500 for the white gold. The 37mm in rose comes with a sticker price of $51,400 and $56,900 for the white gold.

Altogether this legendary model has transformed successfully through out the this 40 years  and has always been  fulfilling the ecxpectations.


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