Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu


Last 2016 Hublot and Maxime Buchi created a remarkable master piece.
Hublot in cooperation with Buchi the creator of Sang Bleu artist studio made a completely new layout for this brand, jumping out of the ordinary usual Hublot look. Inspired by Leonardo De Vinci’s Vitruvian Man Buchi transfers ink tattoo drawing on to fine polished titanium. Straight geometrical lines create sharp geometrical shapes which are quite appealing on first site.

Hublot makes lots of limited editions but this one was a real refreshment in the boring same shaped choice offered and made from different high quality materials.
The 45 mm case is made of satin-finished Titanium engraved with geometrical shapes in continuing the whole interior of the stripe as well is engraved with Sang Bleu geometrical logo.

Through the Sapphire glass window are circling three rhodium octagonal geometrical shapes indicating hours, minutes and seconds.In order of proper functioning of the chronograph the rotor has been redesigned featuring triangular elements used to show the time. The whole movement has been changed using Hub 1213 mechanical movement with automatic winding.

Unique caliber composed of 255 parts, and 28 rubies included, use of materials like satin-polish Titanium and Rhodium are giving the value of $18,800.
At the moment on the online market in Australia can be find for a price of AU $ 24,416.

This watch lives immediate impression with it’s specific Sang Bleu design and perfectly goes with inked skin, opening opportunities for customers witch love wearing tattoos, however many lovers of the classical look will have to find their favourite wrist watch in some of the others Hublot’s editions.

Window Sapphire glass with anti-reflective treatment

Crown Black rubber and satin-finish Titanium

Diameter 45mm

Basel Highly polished Titanium

Bezel lug Black composite resin

Back Highly polished Titanium

Hands Rhodium-plated

Movement HUB1213 Mechanical movement with automatic winding

Water resistance 100 m

Jewels 28 rubies

Strap Calfskin sowed on to rubber

Battery 72 hours

Parts 255

Quantity 200

Price $18,800

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