Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, new release in 2017


Rolex Daytona has been changing and developing through out the years, every time new Daytona came out on the market no one has ever been disappointed from the updated features and their beauty. 2017 will open the door for the newest release of Rolex Daytona Cosmograph coming out in three versions of yellow gold, white gold and Everose (pink gold), successfully rebuild over the base of the previous one, and created according to new formula in order to work with incredible punctuality. Just to mention Rolex Cosmograph Daytona was firstly introduced in 1963, designed especially for professional racing drivers.

From the inside the 4130 calibre is with mechanical self-winding movement completely produced and developed by Rolex. The whole set of the inside elements was changed, so they ware reduced significantly. If we go a bit deeper the chronograph is engaged by mechanism with column wheel and a clutch, therefore it gives very precise start. The oscillator has a blue Parachrom hairspring irresistible on magnetic field making this time machine highly resistible on thermal shocks.

From the out side the story is different, first of all the biggest surprise is the  Oysterflex robber strap (strap that originally has been introduced with the Yacht-Master line back in 2015), just to make things more clear, the Oysterflex strap is created to be comfortable and durable in the same time. The base of the bracelet is started with metal insert made of titanium nickel alloy, additionally there are little cushions “fins” inserted on the bottom of the strap , this allows comfortable moving of your wrist, and vents your skin leaving it dry at all times. The material used for making this strap is called “Elastomer” and defiantly was a real crack when firstly came out.

Rolex’s decision to use this kind of strap is very brave, and many people say very risky, but however the time will show if it gets positive or negative fatbacks. Additionally the text reading ‘Oysterflex” on the side of the strap might evoke positive or negative costumer arguments as well.

Another interesting features of this time piece are the Chera-chrom bezel in Black Ceramic with engraved tachymetric scale, Chera-chrome-gold dial with matt effect which in combination with three black indicators makes the whole lay out look wonderful. The Black Ceramic bezel has a number of advantages: scratch prove, corrosion resistant, and highly resistible on UV rays. Hour hands all in Chromalight and gold, and in contrast with the matt dial makes this wrist watch real catching eye piece expected to conquer the market very soon.  We are not supposed to forget, this Daytona as all the other has highly reliable chronographs and bezel tachymetric scale  which allows drivers to perfectly measure average speed up to 400 kilometres of miles per hour.Oyster Daytona 40mm case is hermetically screwed down providing 100m waterproofness.  The middle case is made of 18c gold nicely shaped with matt and shiny finish.

Talking about the sticker price of this watch in all three variations we should probably look at 34,900  AUD for the yellow gold, 36,450 for the white gold and 36,450 for the Everose gold.

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