Roger Dubuis Blue Rhapsody – SIHH 2017 Preview

Roger Dubuis always represents his new lines with style. This year Dubuis “dares to rare” according to it’s new slogan by representing a few watches from his Blue Rhapsody on 2017 SIHH. This prestigious watch maker is putting on the line few master pieces with blue colour.

Incorporating blue materials with high value and exceptional quality this Blue Rhapsody shouldn’t disappoint anyone. Without a doubt Roger Dubuis keeps raising the bar of creativity and incredible design, in the same time proudly standing out in the year of innovations, offering new materials and complications.

Jean-Mark Pontroue’ (Roger Dubuis’s CEO) this year on SIHH 2017 proudly confirms a couple more world premiers at the SIHH for the next year, and for the following two years, putting Excalibur men’s collection on focus.

The first watch Excalibur Quarour Cobalt MicroMelt has four balance wheels and a case made of cobalt-chrome alloy, produced with trademarked MicroMelt technology. The process starts with a liquid alloy that’s turned into a fine powder via a high pressure gas. The powder is filtered to keep only finest particles, than under high pressure and temperature is created hard metal. This alloy is highly corrosion resistant and durable.

As a result of the use of cobalt and blue colour this wrist watch perfectly feats in the Blue Rhapsody line and has PVT-coated movement barrel cage, blue dial, blue bridges and of course blue alligator strap. Additionally the designers played with red colour, adding up some red tiny details on the seem of the strap, noticeable red circle from the inside of the bezel, red details on the hands and on the chronographs.

Sticker price 390,000 Swiss Franks or $615,000 USD, coming out in a limited edition of 8 only.

The Excalibur Spider Skeleton Automatic has the same materials as the Quatuor model that is shown above and it’s using the same producing technology. The Spider concept involves skeletonising not only for the movement but the case itself.

The colour wasn’t exception for this part of the Blue Rhapsody as well. The case is black DLC titanium with vulcanised rubber inserts and blue and black calfskin leather.

Sticker price 67,000 Swiss Franks. Coming out in a limited edition of 88 pieces.

The new Excalibur 36 ladies Automatic model has much deeper tone that is achieved by the use of sapphire set into  black DLC titanium bezel. The Excalibur 36 has self winding calibre RD830 with 22-carat gold winding rotor, 48 blue sapphires to match the metallic DLC titanium bezel and blue dial with extended Roman numerals made of thin layer of rhodium. Power reserve of 48 hours.

Sticker price 17,000 Swiss Franks, or $26,900 USD. Coming in a limited edition of 28 pieces.

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